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OHTC Grassroots Program supports youth scholarships for after-school and summer camps, Access Theatre Tickets for seniors and youth, The Lou Criscuolo Memorial Scholarships as well as helps of-set costs related to keeping our stages alive with the magic of theatre! Surprisingly, less than 50% of ticket sales cover costs of the shows, which is why OHTC relies on donors like yourselves for additional help.  The largest expenses we have are the ones you can’t see, Royalties, Theatre Rental & Fees and artist’s pay.  Your tax-deductible gift makes live community theatre shows and education programs for our community possible.

No amount is too small and every dollar will help. You are invited to donate any amount, at any time.

We are now $68,300 away from our GOAL!

Sponsors @ $500 each or

Sponsors @ $1,000  each or

Sponsors @ $5,000 each 

would take us over the finish line very quickly.  


We know everyone isn't in a position to donate large amounts.  We have also complied a list of needs with smaller financial commitments, that are still heavily needed. Every dollar will help our community theatre company.

Unrestricted Fund

This is the most needed area. These funds will be evenly distributed to all areas of need and not restricted to one show. Every dollar will help and no amount is too small.

Other Ways to Give

One Access Theatre Ticket, $37

One Backstage Technician for one show, $45

One Musician for one show, $65

One Youth Scholarship, $250

------- Wish List -------

Housing for out of town actors: ** DONE! Thank-You**

For Interns who run lots of errands: 20 Gas Cards 

For Summer Campers (Aug.): 5 Dominos Pizza Gift Cards, 3 cases of water, Snacks

For Cast Rehearsals (May-Sept.): Cases of Water & Gatorade, Protein Bars (nut-free)

Always in need:  Men's Tuxedos and shirts

For our costume department at Shuffler Center: Electric Washer and Dryer

Naming Opportunities

(a great option for groups of friends or businesses to help Opera House)

Underwriter for one show, $2,500

“Man of La Mancha”,  or “The Prom”

OHTC Access Theatre Community Outreach Sponsor $2,500 

“Ragtime” ** DONE! Thank-You** 

“Disney’s Little Mermaid” ** DONE! Thank-You** 

“Man of La Mancha” ** DONE! Thank-You**

"The Prom”

Full Orchestra for 10 performances, $6,500

(“Man of La Mancha” or “Prom”)

Full Orchestra for 13 performances, $8,450

(“Disney’s Little Mermaid”)


Major Underwriter for one show, $10,000

“Ragtime”** DONE! Thank-You**  “Disney’s Little Mermaid”, “Man of La Mancha” or “Prom”

Five easy ways to Donate:

1.  Call Tina Leak 910-274-1800, M-F 10am-4pm & Sat 10:30am-3pm.

2.  Mail a check to the address below

3.  Online from this link; 

4.  In person at the OHTC Table in the lobby during our shows.

5.  Drop off Wish List items in person.  Call to schedule times/dates  

OHTC Fundraising Mailing Address:

1319 Military Cutoff RD Suite CC Box# 348 Wilm., NC 28405

OHTC Physical Address:

Lucille Shuffler Center   2011 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC 28401

To everyone who has donated and continues to support our Grassroots Program 

Thank You!

2023 Donors:

Stephanie & Michael Adams, Mr Doug Allen, Peggy Baddour, Dr Dan Baden, Patrick & Lisa Ballantine, Sue Bark, Thomas & Elizabeth Bartolotta, Frank Block, Mary Boney and Jack Clark, Dick Bunting, Mary Calhoun, Randi Clegg, Steve & Louise Coggins, Albert & Paula Corbett, Carmen Brainard, Barbara Brooks, Clay and Helen Brumbaugh, Charlotte Davis, Edwin Duff, Keith & Jean Graff, Rhod & Frances Hawk, Larry Hovis, Regina Ingram, Dee Ivey, George & Reba Keller, Charles & Tina Leak, Ann P. Longley, Hugh MacRae, Greg & Cat Marinich, Patrick & Denyse McDonnell, Lyell McMerty, Ronnie & Cyndi McNeal, Mr & Mrs David Merten, Linda Myslinski, Debbie Pfaff, Mr & Mrs C. Edward Pleasants, Dr and Mrs Eric Rosenberg, Mike & Ellie Ryan, Dr and Mrs Dana Shumate, Irene Streng, Annie Gray Sprunt, Dr Alina Szmant, Keven Tanner, Bonnie Therrien, Jeff & Michelle Turner, Sharon Valentine, Elaine Walton, Dr Ken & Lena White, Chuck & Candace Whitlock, Lanny & Jill Wilson, Jenny McKinnon Wright....updated daily


2022 Donors:

Bob Accordino, John Airola, Terry & John Allred,  Doug Allen, Mildred Amelio, Todd Amis, Bark Arton, Peg Atkins, Nancy Aycock, Sue Baccard, Joann Bach, Mary Baggett, Kathy Baldwin, Barb Barber, Joe Barber, Arlene Barker, Sally Barnes, Elizabeth Bartolotta, Betty Bartolotta, Tom Bartolotta, Barbara Bass, Judy Beach, Sarah Beakes, Mike Beaudoin, Jayme Bednarczyk, Greg Becker, Jennifer Becker, Jennifer Beecher, Kylie Beecher, Deanna Bennett, Suzanna Berg, Jordan Beswick, Lee Ann Berry, Edgardo Bianchi, Nanci Boldizar, William Braswell, Kim Black, Mona Black, Jane Blackwell, Christine Brantley, Cheryl Brainard, Connie E Braswell, Amanda Brooks, Cindy Brown, Lisa Brown, Bohbrink, Bill Bolduc, Amy Bowes, Jim Bowels, Bill & Mary Clifford Boyd, Jetta & Pascal S. Boyd ll, Cheryl Brainard, Susan Brandt, Christine Brantley, Morris Broadworth, Dana Brigman, Cindy Brown, Rachael Brown, Hannah Brownlow, Madison Carlos, Alice Cavin, Phyllis Chechile, Grayson & Lindsey Cheek, Casey Clemmer, Annette Cook, Beth Compton, Steve Conroy, Annette Cook, Travis Cooke, Paula Corbett, Kathleen Corbett, Carolyn Costigan, Marcia Cox, Phillip Craig, Michael Criscuolo, Steve & Louis Coggins, James Cole, Ron & Wanda Copley, Micke Couch, Doris Courtney, Pat Cowan, Heidi Cox, Steve Crouch, Annette Crumpton, Anne Curlett, Marlene Dancy, Carol Daschbach, Gina Daschbach, Kathryn Davis, Beth DeAngelis, Mia DeCarlo, Jenna Dellaria, Charlotte Davis, Danny Davis, Peter Davis, David Deasy, Derin Deklin, Scott & Denise Deffinbaugh, Carol Dellaria, Jenna Dellaria, Erica Derushia, Jane De Sarno, Paula DeSilva, Michael Di Filippo, Dr Don Di Giulian, Missy Donovan, Pat & Al Donzanti, Cindy Dovel, Kay Drogos, Ryanne Drogos, Susan Duffy, Lynn Dunn, Ronni Dunmire, Betty Eagar, Bobbie Edwards, Tim Edwards, Deb Eilenberg-Gray  Kristin Erickson,  Kristin Erickson, Eloise Eller,  John Evans,  Mary Lou Faircloth, Sarah Felton, Martin Feurer, Jane Fiery, Lynn Fitzgerald, Andrea Foiles, Lacy Ford, Joan Fry, Rebecca Funderburke, Angela Furniss, Steve Gaconnier, Tracy Galen, Kelli Garcia, Ruth Getz, Tony Gianolf, Kelly Giarrusso, Tammy Glenn, Tod Godbey,  Mary Susan Goff, Marilyn Goldstein, Amy Gordon, Michael Goocal, Jordan Goodwin, Linda Greene, Katherine Greens, , Kiley Gregory, Leigh Griffin, Rick Gross, Penelope Grover, Marilyn Glaser, Johnna Griffith, Coleen Grissler, Steven & Kim Gruntfest, Julie Grunley, Jon Guetta, Ken Guhs, Evan Gwyan, Virginia Hager, Preston Hardgrove, Al Harris, Alisa Harris, Elaine Harris,  Ron Harris, Judy Hartquist, David Hassan, Steve Hassmer, Michelle Havens, Patricia Hayes, Frances & Rod Hawk, Carmen Hawkins, Barbara Hazelton, Tracy Helm, Sonia Hernandez, Blair Highsmith, Howard & Michelle Hoadley, Jan Hobbie, Valerie Hoffmann, Claire Holcombe, Angela Holliday, Terry Horton, Elizabeth Hourigan, Barbara Hubbard, Judy Huges, Jaime Hunt, Kurt Hursey, June Ingram, Regina Ingram, Karee B. Hunt, June Ingram, Regina Ingram, Anah Jacobson, Estelle Jamel, Asa Janney, Harriette Jarrell, Nancy Jeeger, Mary Anna Johnson, Mark & Meredith Johnson, Trig Johnson, Cassandra Jones, Shane Jones, Kristy Jordan, Nancy Kay, Alan & Rita Katz, Jess Keener, George & Reba Keller, Diana Kelly, Dotty Kohl, Bill Kimbrell, Peg Knab, Cindy Kuhne, Eloise La Fleur, Barbara Landers, Annie Gray Lane, Eddie and Jean Lawler, Frank and Betty Leak, Charles and Tina Leak, Kim Leighty, Mike Lewis, Keith Li, Cat Licari, Paul Lilley, Michele Lindsey, Mary Littlejohn, Benjamin Long, Jim Long, Rosa Love, Mike Lucky Luciano, Rose Ludwig, Joanie Mahon, Jane Malloy, Debbie Mansir, Vito Manzella, Nick, Marinich, Virginia Marinich, Jane Martin, Kristen Martin, Lori Mathis, Suzi Matthews, Suzanne Matteson, Paige Mattocks, Cindy McBride, John McCood, Herb McCarthy, Todd McCrary, Georgette McCracken, Christina McMillian, Denyse & Pat McDonnell, Amy McElrath, Jordan McEwen, Christina McMillan, Linda McMurry, Lace-Anne McNeill, Marika McNeil,  Lyell and Brian McMerty, Brenda Melvin, Martha Meredith, Andy Meyers, Durango Meyers, William Miller, Gary Mintier, Heather Mintz, Yanice Mitchell, Brooklyn Moore, Dan Morris, Mary & William Morris, Jr.,  Bethann Morrison, Julie Morrow, Jim Mowrer, Michelle Myers, Sarah Newton, Jason Olson, Donald Osterhout, Tracy & Kyle Osterhout, Peter Otten, Mary Kay Otting, Joe Pang, Char Papagikos, Susan Paschal, Scott Pate, Nancy Paul-Webb, Beth Paquin, Nancy Pearson, Cathy Pearl, Jack Pegoni, Joan Perry, Joan Perry, Carol Pfaff, Debbie Pfaff, Renee Plante, Mr & Mrs C. Edward Pleasants,  Sadie Pollock, John Michael & Tracy Pope, Michelle Popeko, Janet Popowski, Kathy Porter, Paul Potito, Joy and Scott Prestage,  Roxanne Pratt, Barbara Pressley,  Deb Pressley, LeeAnne Quattrucci,  Lynn & Frank Raley, Shawn Rash, Steve Rassen, Joan Rau, Eric Rylander, Mary Ann Reltracchi, Mary Beth Reynolds, James Rickenbach, Ronnie Roberts, Sam Robinson, Sherry Robinson, Janet Rose, Jane Rippy, Debbie and Bill Rudisill, Alicia & Ken Ruginis,  Susan Rutledge, Mary Ann Ryder, Ashley Samuelson, Adele Sandoval, Sue Sanzari, Gina Scarzella, Alicia Scheiber,  Alecia Scheike,   Greg Schimizzi, Marilynn Schimizzi, John Schraff, Angie Schwandt, Kristen Selby,  Pam Sender, John Sharkey, Bobbie Shelingoski, Harry Short, Tricia Short, Dana Shumate, Bobbi Sikes, Kristi Simms, Kathy Sinclair, Marty Siu, Sherry Skipper, Cheryl Sloan, Becka and Justin Smith, Chris Smith, Greg Smith, Layne Smith, Mazie Smith, Noah Smith, Justin Sorrells, Jason Sperberg, Annie Grey Sprunt,  Joe Steagall, Debbie Steagall, Joe Steagall, Denise Stendardo, Laurą Stephens, Irenę Streng, Jana Subramanyam, Audrey Surak, Amy Sutton, Brad Szem, Alina Szmant, Catherine Szuch, Karyn Taub, Catherine Teabo, Carolyn Thompson, Terri Thompson, Pat Tilley, Charles & Angela Titone, Whitney Tobn, Suzanne Triplett, Joe Trombetta, Nancy Truby, Arnold Turk, Margaret Turlington, Jeff Turner, Michelle Turner, Steve Unger, Caroline Valentino, Judi Vance, Barbra Vass, Patty Vaughn, Karen Ventry, Connie Vollmer, Pattie Wall, Lori Walker, Kenda Walter, Susan Walters, Don Watson, Elizabeth Weinberg, Steven Weiss, Douglas Wells, Glenn Wells, Conrad Wessell, Don Wheatley, Marcia While, Beth Whicker, Kim Whicker, Eric White, Dr Ken White, Marcia White, Chuck and Candace Whitlock, Deborah Whitley, Katherine Willetts, Halina Williams, Cathleen Wilson, Cheryl Wilson, Jessica Lail Wilson, Jerry Wine, Cathy Winchester, Teresa Wishon, Nikki Witt, Maryann Witte, Daniel Wood,  Dan Wood, Donna Woods, Beverly Wright, Lyndia Wright, Marian Wright, Beth Wulff, Diana Zavala, Landon Zimmer,  Susan Zucker 

Adding more daily.....Thank-You!

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