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Theatre Company

Dear Opera House Supporters,

We are so grateful to be in the business of creating live entertainment and meaningful experiences for our community. We are often asked what is the difference between a Subscriber, a Patron, a Sponsor and a Donor? In this letter, we hope to explain that to you.  

Subscribers purchase season tickets in advance before individual tickets go on sale to the general public. 


OHTC Patrons, purchase season tickets plus give a predetermined (tax deductible) monetary gift. Bronze Patron Level: 1 ticket to each show + $100 donation. Silver Patron Level: 2 tickets to each show + $200 donation. Gold Patron Level: 4 tickets to each show + $400 donation. Platinum Patron Level: 6 tickets to each show + $600 donation. Thank-You, to all who renewed your Season Ticket Subscriptions and Patron Packages as well those who became new Patrons and Season Ticket Subscribers, for the first time.


Sponsorship is support given to OHTC by a business, person or organization that provides money or other resources in exchange for access to the commercial potential. In return, their name or logo is on our print advertisements in local and state publications and local newspapers all year long, television commercials, newsletters, social media posts and printed on the back of our summer camp t-shirts. Sponsors have advertisements in more than 25,000 program books, receive on site and on stage recognition + show tickets to share with clients.


Sponsorships with OHTC are often less expensive than traditional advertising, because we have non-profit advertising rates & sometimes "trade" or "in-kind" advertising that helps businesses "get seen" with much less cost to them. 

OHTC Donors support in many ways.

Donors give tax-deductible donations of all sizes at any time of the year via our Grassroots campaign or on their own.  Foundations and Donors may give monetary gifts, grant awards or share their resources such as transportation or lodging for our out of town actors or sought after specialty items that we repurpose & use in our shows. Donors do not receive advertising perks or bulks of theatre tickets. In return for their donations, Donors are invited to backstage tours, photos & dinners with the casts, directors, select show rehearsals and other OHTC Special Events. During the course of one year, Donors are listed on our website, in our newsletters & program books. Donors receive tax letters for their tax deductible donations and support of Opera House.

The expenses we face are often shocking to most people. Rent/ticketing fees we pay to Thalian Hall and royalties for shows are by far our largest yet least visible expenses. ​Ticket sales account for 50% of yearly revenue needed to keep our company operating. When you purchase season ticket packages or give a tax-deductible donation, you help us bridge that income gap and ensure that we can continue to create Broadway-caliber theatre in our community.      


OHTC's Grassroots Program supports youth scholarships for after-school and summer camps, Access Theatre Tickets for underserved youth, families and youth, The Lou Criscuolo Memorial Scholarships as well as helps of-set costs related to keeping our stages alive with the magic of theatre!  


We are grateful for everyone's support of Opera House Theatre Company!


If you would like to donate to OHTC's Grassroots Fund (the best way) please click here for more information, or please feel free to contact Tina Leak during office hours: Monday-Friday 10:30-4:30 & Saturdays 11am-3:30pm 910-274-1800,  She can also can process your request over the phone.

Thank You for your continued support.  We look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Justin Smith
& The Opera House Team

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