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Auditions for “Young Guido”, a 10 year-old boy, will be on SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2018 and will begin at 10:30 am.

Auditions for everyone will begin at 11:00 am on the same day, SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2018.  Roles are available for 20+ women of all ages and one man between the ages of 30-50.

Auditions will be held at the Lucile Shuffler Center, 2011 CAROLINA BEACH ROAD, Wilmington, NC.  Everyone should bring a prepared song and sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.  Also, come prepared to dance.  Most of the roles feature musical staging movement but not dance.

We are looking for actors and singers of ethnicities and backgrounds.

Rehearsals will begin January 29th.



Book by Arthur Kopit

Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston

Adaptation from the Italian by Mario Fratti


Director/Choreographer - Ray Kennedy

Assistant Director and Choreographer – Jason Aycock

Performance Dates:           Wednesday, February 28 – Sunday, March 4

                                      Friday, March 9 – Sunday, March 11


Guido Contini:  One of the greatest roles for an actor/ singer in modern day musical theater.  30-50.  A brilliant Italian film director going through a midlife crisis.  A lover of all women from his mistress to his wife to his mother.  He is sexy, outrageous, strong, and vulnerable all at the same time.  He is torn apart mentally by his career and home life. Women fall all over him but he is not a predator, but a man who can't see the difference between work and play.  He will use sexuality to get what he wants. Most of his "conquests" have been in the name of work.

Young GuidoGuido as a child, as well as the inner voice for Guido.  Should be comfortable with movement. Boy soprano.  Guardians must understand that the show has a "coming of age" scene that is PG-13.

Luisa Contini:  Guidos wife.  A former actress who is well aware of her husband's artistic genius and his infidelities.  She is fed up with Guidos philandering and inattention, and she is considering a divorce. She is very smart but clueless of what she has become.

Carla:  Guido's mistress.  Sexy, smart, and very naive.  Should move well.  She continuously shows up at inopportune moments in Guido’s life. She is married but will leave her husband for Guido, if only he will get a divorce as well. Luisa knows about her. All she is to Guido is a diversion.

Claudia:  Guido's muse. A movie star and Guido's former lover.  The leading actress in all of his early films, and he wants to cast her in his next film.  She has a romantic history with Guido as well. She is like a Goddess. Almost too beautiful to touch.

Guido's mother:  The one woman Guido loves without deception.  She is strong, loving, and extremely honest.  She appears to Guido in memories of his past and predictions of his future.  She is dead.

Liliane La Fleur: (Suellen Yates)  Guido's producer and former star of the Follies Bergere.  A true Diva and a cunning business woman.  Speaks with a French accent. She wants his next film to be a musical and has already invested money in it. She is very eccentric and bigger than life.

Stephanie Necrophorus:  A writer who helps Guido with his movie; also a film critic who has been particularly hard on Guido’s films in the past. She is not turned on by Guido and lets him know. A sardonic bitch with the smile of a cobra. 

Serraghina  (Cindy Colucci)   A prostitute Guido visits as a child to learn about love and women. The experience has a profound influence on his life.  A lusty Earth Mother who tells the young Guido about sex.

Mama Maddalena:  Chief of the Chambermaids in the Fontane Di Luna Spa.  She is feisty and comical.

Our Lady of the Spa: A spiritual being, she works at the Fontane Di Luna.  Guido's ethereal guide of the spa.

Lina Darling:  Liliane La Fleur’s bodyguard.  She is an intimidating woman, very dark and mysterious.

The Italians - Maria, Giulietta, Annabella, Francesca, Diana, and Renata:  All roles have specific character traits and dialogue.  All different types and vocal ranges.

The Germans - Olga Von Sturm, Heidi VonSturm, Ilsa VonHesse, and Gretchen VonKrupf:  Wonderful comical character roles.



Act I:

    "Overture Delle Donne" - Company

    "Not Since Chaplin" - Company

    "Guido's Song" - Guido

    "Not Since Chaplin - Reprise" - Company

    "The Germans at the Spa" - Maddelena, Italians, Germans

    "Not Since Chaplin - Reprise" - Company

    "My Husband Makes Movies" - Luisa

    "A Call from the Vatican" - Carla

    "Only with You" - Guido

    "The Script" - Guido

    "Folies Bergeres" - Lilli, Stephanie, Company

    "Nine" - Guido's Mother, Company

    "Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian" - Saraghina, Boys, Company

    "The Bells of St. Sebastian" - Guido, Company

Act II:

    "A Man Like You/Unusual Way/Duet" - Claudia, Guido

    "The Grand Canal" (Every Girl in Venice/Amor/Only You) - Guido, Company

    "Simple" - Carla

    "Be On Your Own" - Luisa

    "Not Since Chaplin - Reprise" - Company

    "I Can't Make This Movie" - Guido

    "Getting Tall" - Young Guido

    "Long Ago/Nine - Reprise" - Guido, Young Guido, Luisa